How to save a specific page in pdf
While this doesn’t allow you to save only specific pages of the document, a saved copy of the original PDF file will be available to you for later use. Enter a filename for the document and specify the location where you want to save it. Click “Save.” Save a Snapshot of a Page. Open a PDF document in Reader. Click the “Tools” menu. Click “Select & Zoom,” then “Snapshot Tool.” Use this tool if
13/02/2014 · Hello Samadhan, There are two possible ways for getting the job done: 1. Install a virtual printer and then just print the required pages. 2. Use the ExportAsFixedFormat method of the Range class for saving specific range of the document.
14/11/2011 · Secondly,please open the changed pdf file, you will find the change,we had made pages to a specific size by using the Advanced PDF Tools.I also give you screenshots (picture 2 and picture 3) and compare to them, the difference is so clearly.Here please look at picture 2 and picture 3,it is very obvious. When you compare to them ,you will find that after the change,the pages become smaller …
How to open PDF File with Specific page in I do not want to use AcroRd32.exe in code because there is different version install on user machine.and different version have different .exe file so how I can open pdf with Specific page using C#?

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