How to encrypt a pdf file
An Introduction to PDF Encryption. There are many advantages to using PDF software when creating documents. Some people choose this type of application because it allows anyone, on any type of computer or device, to view their content. Others like the ability to collect data through PDF forms, while others still choose PDF software for its adherence to different standards for document
When it comes down to creating an encryption password, just select the document from the left pane, lock it by using the Lock option at the bottom, then click on the Save icon to add your
PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format which creates documents imprinting information as electronic images which can be viewed, printed, copied, and navigated as per the requirement.
I am trying to encrypt my existing pdf file with java code but this code will create new pdf file ,can anybody tell me how to encrypt a pdf file without changing it’s content ?
Imports SolidFramework.Plumbing Imports SolidFramework.Pdf Module PDFEncryption Sub Main() ‘ Call your Solid Documents License SolidFramework.License.Import(“C:MyFolderlicense.xml”) ‘Define a variable for your source file Dim sPdfPath As String ‘ Define a PDF Document object

Encrypting PDF files – Solid Framework SDK